Real-Time Audit Has Arrived

TrustExplorer – Real-time Attest, On Demand

Armanino’s TrustExplorer utilizes blockchain technology to provide continuous evidence collection and on-demand audit opinions, issued under the most stringent examination standards. TrustExplorer’s real-time attest capability presents a paradigm shift in the way all companies should think about attest and ushers in an era where Armanino clients can provide higher levels of trust and transparency to their customers.

The Value of Real-Time Assurance

TrustExplorer is the first real-world step in a move to deploy real-time auditing, backed by immutable trust, in any engagement. Instead of relying on “point-in-time” reports that are stale as soon as they are distributed, real-time audits will ensure information is always current and relevant to the public.
Real-Time Collection
Real-Time Collection

TrustExplorer collects evidence on a continuous basis, performs testing automatically, and reduces management’s need to pull audit populations and sample selections.
Reduce Administrative Burdens
Reduce Administrative Burdens

Audits, while important, can be inefficient and consume personnel time that could be better spent serving their business function. TrustExplorer reduces administrative burden for stablecoin issuers by automating procedures.
Deliver Trust & Transparency
Deliver Trust & Transparency

TrustExplorer allows Armanino clients to deliver unparalleled levels of trust and transparency to their customers and users in ecosystems where trust itself is a valuable currency.

White Paper: Real-Time Audit

Current third-party assurance solutions are often misaligned with the needs of customers. There are many examples where audit reporting could better serve the needs of management or intended users if the assurance could be provided more frequently, at lower administrative cost, and made more widely available.

Asset-backed stablecoins present a perfect use case for a real-time audit given their relative simplicity. However, they are not the only use case. In our white paper, our experts review problems in attest to be solved, background and context on key issues, and present Armanino’s real-time attest solution.
“This evolution will provide more precision and more trust to ecosystems as attestation reporting windows are reduced from 30 days down to 30 seconds.”

Matt Armanino
CEO, Armanino LLP

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