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The M&A markets remain active and optimistic. Your company could be next. Will you be ready?

It’s incumbent on CFOs of all size companies, particularly middle-market size where there is a lot of activity presently, to prepare themselves to be strategic leaders during a merger or acquisition. It’s a huge test of leadership. Learn some of the best practices to help you pass that test at every stage.

Our white paper covers the following topics, key in every CFOs role as a leader:
  • Five Key Trends in Middle Market and Small Business M&A
  • Being Prepared: Operating a “Sale Ready” Business
  • Recognizing and Understanding Risk
  • The Role of Valuation
  • Expectations When Bringing Together Two Companies
  • When to Engage Experts
When a company is planning an M&A transaction, CFOs shouldn’t have to navigate the process alone. Armanino’s M&A team has the expertise in technical accounting, due diligence, process evaluations and valuation services needed to ensure you and your team are ready—when the time is right—to ensure your M&A transaction is a success.
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