Live Nonprofit Q&A Series:
Return to Work Guidelines

COVID-19 Effects on Nonprofits Revealed – Part 3
July 30, 2020
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (Pacific)
The Get Answers From Armanino’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Team

The pandemic is impacting nonprofits across the nation. To help our nonprofit community, we want to share more in-depth insights into how the current situation may affect you, and how to navigate through it. Join us as we discuss Return to Work Guidelines.

Armanino’s Mike Boulton teams up with Jason Levey from Canterbury Consulting and special guests Dana Hirsch Lipman from YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles and Scott DeVine from TheatreWorks to answer the questions on the top of everyone’s mind regarding the effects of COVID-19 on nonprofit organizations and what you can do to prepare yourself for the future.

You won’t want to miss it!

In this live Q&A we will:

  • Answer your questions regarding return to work plans
  • Discuss other guideline related issues
  • Provide an open forum where you can ask your top questions
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Michael Boulton
Jason Levey
Canterbury Consulting
Scott DeVine 
General Manager &
Chief Financial Officer
Dana Hirsch Lipman
Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer / General Counsel
YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles
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